XIAMEN HULK SPORTS CO., LTD., established in June 2007, located in the beautiful coastal city of Xiamen, is a high-grade carbon fiber composite material manufacturer with a combination of wholesale& retail carbon fiber sports products.

We provide high-tech and the best finished carbon bike frame, fork, wheelset, rim, handlebar, accessories and other composite products worldwide.

Our customers are our foundations so we will always do business with our honesty and keep high credibility, aiming to provide you with the advanced ideas, high-quality products and perfect service. We are looking forward to hearing from you wherever your company based in. We would like to grow up with you and seek win-win progress through our sincere cooperation.

Our Technology:


Making carbon products involves compressing layers of carbon fiber and epoxy resin into a mould to get the shape of your purpose. We use EPS molding process and high temperature against resin to improve the stiffness and performance of the tradition way can not deliver to.

Our advantages:

We can make EPS molding (an desired)shape before laminating carbon fiber around them and put them into the mould. Using EPS as the core mould, and then laminating the carbon fiber around them. And when heated, these EPS will help the pressure to form consistent thickness without wrinkles. After that, the EPS part will become 20% of the original size, and will be easily cleared out.

Hi-TG Resin

The braking surface we are using the high TG point resin to against the high temperature during the down hill braking power.

High TG epoxy resin enhance the toughness of whole rims,and also maintain the stiffness of carbon fiber.

It also helpful to resist the deformation of speeder and continuous braking power .